Coconut Oil & Health

Skincare with Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil Pre–Shaving Lotion

Pure virgin coconut oil on its own makes a great lotion to protect your skin from the nicks and irritation of shaving. Stroke softened coconut oil over the area you wish to shave and you will see that the razor glides more easily, leaving your skin soft and silky-smooth. It also prevents ingrown hairs and helps heal skin faster.

Sesame and Coconut (Mild) Sunscreen

When you just want the added protection of a mild SP4 sunscreen while you’re out and about, coconut oil is the all-natural solution. While SP4 is a relatively low sun-protection rating, coconut oil has the added bonus of the vitamins and nutrients you need to replenish your skin after exposure to the sun’s free radicals. Sesame oil has similar properties, so the two combined make an excellent light natural sunscreen.

Combine 1 cup of coconut oil with 1 cup of sesame oil. Store in a bottle with a tight lid and keep in a cool place.

​Reference: McGrath, S. (2014). Coconut Oil for Health and Beauty. New York: Skyhorse Publishing