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How much coconut oil should I take?

If you want to start taking coconut oil every day for your general health and well-being, your daily dose is determined by your weight. Check out our cooking section to discover innovative ways to incorporate your daily dose into your diet. Or you can simply eat it straight from the spoon.

​Weight in ln/kg                                                                    Daily dose of virgin coconut oil

25 – 49 lb./ 11-22 kg                                                             1 tablespoon
50-74 lb./ 23-33 kg                                                                1 ½ tablespoons
75-99 lb./34-44 kg                                                                 2 table spoons
100-124 lb./45-57 kg                                                             2 ½ table spoons
125-149 lb. / 58-66 kg                                                           3 table spoons
150-174 lb./ 67-78 kg                                                            3 ½ table spoons
175 lb and over / 79 kg and over                                           ¼ cup

Reference: McGrath, S. (2014). Coconut Oil for Health and Beauty. New York: Skyhorse Publishing